Meet Lilia

Rosie Dog . Golden Doodle. The absolute best .


Cups of coffee during the day. Sometimes more. Depends on the day.


Kids. All Boys! Yes I am practicing being the perfect mother in law already!


Plume and Stone design studio has been a passion of mine for over 13 years. With a background in Art Direction, Graphic design and a B.F.A from New York’s School of Visual Arts, I can officially add another title to my resume - Font Snob! ( I Love fonts !!!! ) That is why you can find elegant typography, rich thick shimmer papers, custom shaped envelopes and custom monograms here at Plume and Stone.

Working with me is like having your own personal graphic designer, cheerleader, people connector and sometimes therapist. 

This process should be easy, simple and most of all fun. There is no stress at my door and I am here to guide and help you create something you will always love and treasure.

Meet the designer

I have built my business up paper by paper, client by client, referral by referral. I sat across my white scratched up table and listened so many stories - love stories, sad stories, death stories, baby stories, and so much more. I have seen so many emotions across that table. I have watched and followed my clients through all of life's changes and struggles. I have seen weddings happen, babies born, birthdays and bar mitzvahs celebrated.

You have many options when it comes to invitations, but when you support small businesses like mine - when you give your money to tiny little studios and shops - not only are you supporting the local economy, you are helping us continue doing what we love, helping us continue our story so we can be there for yours!

Which is why my message will always be the same - Be happy, be kind, live in the moment and always, always celebrate everything!!!!

After a long day, the greatest decadence is to turn off my phone and get lost in a wonderful story.


Nothing makes me happier than spending time with those I Love, laughing, eating and making memories

family + friends

Separate or together. In any shape or form, but milk chocolate is my favorite!

Chocolate & Coffee

I want to see the world, taste its food and meet it’s people. Give me travel any day!


Things that bring me joy:

what do you mean
if I wasn’t a designer?! 

If I wasn’t a designer, I would be:

Australia, New Zealand + Paris

Dream destination to visit:

Never met a holiday I didn't love

Favorite Holiday:

I always crack jokes

When nervous or stressed:

Sushi , +  potatoes + herring

My favorite food:

The ability to never ever be bored

My superpower is:





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